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About Us

Meet Dr. Steve Hook and His Staff

Dr. Steve Hook

Owner, Stephen H. Hook DDS General Dentistry Dr. Steve Hook has practiced dentistry in the Los Angeles area since 1975.  He has extensive experience in general and family dentistry, with specialties in prosthetics, root canals, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Hook taught at USC in the School of Dentistry for over 25 years.

Isabel Garcia

Isabel Garcia, Registered Dental Assistant Isabel has assisted Dr. Hook for nearly seven years. Born in Mexico, she speaks fluent Spanish, has a three year old son, an eleven year old daughter, and on October 31, 2014, Isabel gave birth her daughter Elizabeth.  Isabel’s sweet, soothing disposition is a welcome bonus to her efficient and caring manner.  Isabel assists the doctor, sterilizes the instruments, helps with the business office and the telephone, and translates as needed.

Phyllis Lewis

Phyllis Lewis, Registered Dental Hygienist Phyllis has been Dr. Hook’s Saturday Dental Hygienist for nine years.  She works several days a week in other dental offices in Los Angeles and is highly experienced. She is a graduate of Loma Linda University and is extremely popular with patients. In fact, we have patients who will see no one else — and not just because she works only Saturdays.  Dr.  Hook loves to kid Phyllis because her school has no football team, but he applied to dental school there anyway!


Michael is our Registered Dental Hygienist Michael is an experienced and excellent Dental Hygienist who has worked with Dr. Hook for almost ten years.  She commutes in from the San Fernando Valley every week because she appreciates Dr. Hook and his patients.  Our relaxed style fits her personality well and one exposure to her infectious laugh will bring a smile to even the most nervous patient.  Michael is a lover of hockey , which is reflected is her email handle “hockeylover.”

Cynthia Robles Dental Assistant

Cynthia Robles

Registered Dental Assistant Extended Function Cynthia has recently returned to our office after taking off time to marry and raise her son.  Cynthia worked for Dr. Hook for over a decade and progressed in her skills to an “extended function” rating which is somewhat like a “nurse practitioner” in medical practice.  Under general supervision Cynthia can place fillings and take final impressions and other advanced techniques.  Mostly though Cynthia is a warm and wonderful friend and employee who loves the patients and the profession.

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