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Stress Can Cause Teeth Grinding aka Bruxism

Tales of aches and emergencies from the wise Dr. Hook, dentist-confessor   Teeth Grinding or Bruxism Can Cause Severe Dental Pain Teeth grinding due to excess stress: throughout my many years of dental practice I have spent literally thousands of hours on the... read more

Merry Christmas from Stephen Hook DDS

I’m wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and a very bright and Happy Holiday season. And BTW, regarding all those fantastic Christmas treats: recently the ADA (American Dental Association) reported on an article in the Washington Post (12/13/16) that taxing sugar is a... read more

What is Your Snore Score?

What is Your Snore Score? Take My “Snore Score” Test Below to Learn More Learn your snore score! Approximately one-quarter of all Americans snore, often to the great annoyance of spouses and others.  Snoring usually occurs when a person’s airway at the... read more

Doc Do I Have Any Cavities?

Cavities! We’re glad you asked. The answer to this question is, of course, different for each individual, but the thinking behind the question is nearly universal. Dental Cavities Our generation was raised on “Look Ma! No cavities!” TV sold us on toothpaste by making... read more

Top 10 Mistakes People Make About Dental Care

Your Dental Care Did you know that people smile more in the summer? While getting dental care might not be at the top of your summer “To Do” list, a bright smile can be your best summer accessory. However, certain misconceptions often cause a person to... read more