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Mouthguards Childrens SportsMouthguards: How to Protect Your Child’s Sports Dental Health

Do you remember the excitement when it was the last day of school and you were FREE for the entire summer?! It was a fantastic feeling – every day you could get up and do what you wanted to do and no homework either. There was so much pleasure just in deciding what to do, with whom, where to go. But you probably also remember some doozies in terms of accidents you or one of your pals had. If you’re lucky you can share some adventures with your kids or grandkids this summer, playing ball, going bike riding or to the beach, or sharing a great vacation, all accident-free. But just in case, here are some dental health tips.

Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Dental Health During Summertime Sports

Since summer is a time of increased sports activity and kids can be particularly rambunctious, accidents can happen. You need to think about mouthguards to protect your child’s dental health.

  • To protect your kids’ dental health and minimize the risk of injury to their teeth, make sure that for all contact and non-contact sports they wear a custom-made mouthguard. The designs for mouthguards these days are great. Call us if you want to get your child a custom mouthguard.
  • If a tooth gets knocked loose or knocked out, seek emergency dental care immediately. Call us at our emergency number: 310-621-9527. Or of course if you’re the lucky one, call us on our emergency number as well.
  • You should get to a dentist within 30 minutes if at all possible.
  • Do not touch the tooth root. If you can put the tooth in the socket, do so. If the tooth is contaminated, put it in milk and bring the tooth in milk with you.
  • An emergency? YES! But no need for this . . .  humorous! (5 year old girl calls 911 prior to dental appointment)
  • Calling us at 310-621-9527 will do. We will be kind and gentle.
  • Two more things: 1) be sure you children have water with them at all times. We don’t want them to get over-heated or dehydrated. 2) Also, kids tend to skip their tooth brushing/flossing during the summer. Make sure they remember because kids tend to snack a lot while playing which can cause tooth decay.

Have a wonderful summer!