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Testimonials from some of Dr. Stephen Hook’s clients over the years.

I’ve been practicing dentistry for a long time, as well as teaching it at USC, overall a very satisfying career. However, nothing puts a smile on my face more than the genuine appreciation and thanks that some of my patients take the time to share with me. So a big thank you to all of you too!                Steve Hook



Dr. Hook is an excellent dentist. He is knowledgeable, has a reasonable fee structure, and even in the most challenging situations, is committed to a successful outcome and satisfied patient. I was referred to Dr. Hook by my mother whom he served for over 25 years. He has been my dentist for almost 30 years.

Are you looking for an honest excellent dentist whose primary concern is his patients? Then I highly recommend Dr. Hook.

Maurice Mouton


I’ve never had a dentist explain what was going on, what my options are, etc., so clearly as Dr. Hook. He has a great chair-side manner, and all of the staff are friendly and helpful too. I have recommended him to my friends for years, and I still do.

Todd Herman


Dr. Hook is the only dentist I’d recommend in Los Angeles. He is a great guy to talk to, very funny, with a vibrant staff… before you know it, you’re in and out – and almost sad that your appointment is over! His rates are very reasonable. So, don’t fret, or put it off. And if you have a cavity, the procedure will be painless. His hygienist helped to make my smile pearly white. New people that I meet are always commenting on my nice teeth!

Mark Balling


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hook for over ten years now, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. A great dentist and a nice man to boot. He and his wonderful staff take good care of my teeth without ever pressuring me into services I don’t need or can’t afford. Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be the chore it’s made out to be. Go see Dr. Hook, and leave smiling!

Kimberly Emerson


30 years ago I met Dr. Hook as a valued customer for the camera store in Culver City I worked at. At the time I didn’t have a dentist and I was inevitably hit with the need for dental work. I called him in my time of need, he simply said, come to my office and we’ll take care of you.

He was personal and professional yet the most compassionate dentist I’ve ever experienced.

Now in my late 50’s I live in Woodland Hills, a suburb of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles and 21 miles (in traffic about a 1.5 hour drive) from my home to where Dr. Hook practices.

With over 500 dentist offices between where I live and his office, I can’t imagine seeing any other dentist. He’s the only person I ever recommend and KNOW that his type of human personal and professional style of dentistry is one in a million.

I’m proud to know him and am deeply grateful that Dr. Hook is continuing this rare high-end polished class of Doctorism (not a real word) is sharing the human experience with the medical professional that makes him the only dentist for me and my family.

PS: I recommend him.

Randy Bellous


There is something to watching television or a movie while having my teeth examined… it makes being with a dentist more relaxing!

I’ve been a patient of “Dr. Wonderful” since the mid-90s and I am very much pleased with his treatments. I highly recommend his dentistry for those (like me) who do not want any necessary pain and affordable options.

Rhonda Hall Alter


Dr. Hook is as good as they get. He teaches, serves on state advisory boards — he’s the dentist the OTHER dentists go to for advice. But…

He runs a really laid back operation. He jokes a lot, is very informal with his staff and patients, but personally I like that. If you’re the type that likes that “professional veneer”, then it might not be a good fit. But if you want competence, you won’t find anyone better.

Personally, I’d rather someone who SHOWS you he’s a professional than one who ACTS like a professional.

John Kiernan


I was a patient of Dr. Hook when I lived in the LA area (have since moved to Colorado) and have been meaning to write a review. I recommend him because of his experience and because I especially liked his transparency regarding the way he figures out the costs that he bills you for. That transparency means a lot to me. If you’re looking for an honest and very experienced dentist, check out Dr. Hook.

Brendan Moorehead


I have been going to Dr. Hook for over 15 years and I have been thoroughly satisfied. I originally came to Dr. Hook because of a dental emergency and he was very accommodating and prompt. I was quickly added to the schedule and my tooth was repaired. I brought my wife and my two daughters to Dr. Hook. I have referred several friends to him as well. Dr. Hook is funny which makes my visits fly by. His staff is always very friendly and courteous. I highly recommend Dr. Hook.

Darius Simmons


I’ve have entrusted my teeth to Dr. Hook for over 15 years. He and his staff are professional and friendly. I have moved several times in the past few years, but I always schedule my appointments when I know I’ll be in the area. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Evelyn J.


I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Hook and his extremely professional dental hygienist. He is a rare find in today’s unfortunately economically driven dental services  business which used to be a profession. Dr. Hook remains a professional. By that I mean he puts his economic interests secondary to laying out my options as a patient. He goes to his pricing book based on industry norms, adds up the pricing of each option and transparently shows me the cost of my options and then straightforwardly discusses my pros and cons given my dental history and health.

I’m 68. I grew up here in LA and one of my father’s best friends was a dentist in Beverly Hills. I grew up with world class dental care. Dr. Hook is the real deal. I happened upon him by a chance referral when I was doing a few projects at Sony. I see his hygienist every three months to stay on top of a genetic disposition for rapid tartar build up and she’s the best I’ve found in over 30 years. They are a world class team.

Tom Drucker


I’ve only been going to Dr. Hook for a few months now, but honestly, he is a great guy.

After not having to see a dentist in almost 3 years, I was obviously nervous about my first appointment, but he made me feel very comfortable, and attempted to know more about me before prying open my jaw. Then we were onto a whole new set of problems of fixing me.

His front office is a little harried and they mess up often, which is my biggest complaint. I had an appointment on a Saturday for a crown, and the appointment was erased from the book without ever speaking to me. However, even with that, Dr. Hook made sure that I came in there to get the work done that I needed, and would apologize profusely for the wait. I knew it wasn’t his fault, but the acknowledgment is nice to hear as well.

Super friendly staff, and well skilled. And will actually listen to your issues and try to make you as comfortable as possible. Everything a dentist should be.

Plus, he’s a Trojan. Can’t argue with that!

Lauren S.


I’ve been going to see Dr. Hook for a couple of years now and it’s always been a great experience, both in terms of professionalism and personality…everyone from the front office staff to Dr. Hook is great and they do excellent work. Very highly recommended.

Jeremy G.



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