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I discuss various topics informally in the videos. Enjoy!

Learning About Dental Implants – In this video I talk about some of the questions I often get about the cost and the ins and outs of getting a dental implant. I attempt to answer some of these questions in this video. By the way, I’m now located in Westchester near the coast in the Los Angeles area.

Concerns About Bad Breath in the Boardroom or the Bedroom? – there are some healthy ways and some not-so-healthy ways to care for your mouth in order to keep your breath nice and sweet. In this video I explain.

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and How the New Affordable Care Act Provides Dental Care for Your Kids. As a parent, you can get distracted into providing your baby or toddler with drinks that keep her calm and happy but which can be harmful to her teeth. I encourage you to begin dental care for your child at an early age and a good place to start is with the contents of your baby’s bottle.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL5IJR5nLBY A dental checkup can save your life. Dentists are really physicians of the mouth. Via your regular dental checkup, we dentists can assess your overall health and detect illnesses like diabetes before they appear as symptoms. Remember, a regular dental checkup is 100% paid for by your dental insurance! Or it’s very worth the cost, if you don’t have insurance, compared to the cost a physical exam. In any case, BE WISE – get a regular dental checkup because it could literally save your life.

Your Dental Insurance Provides Free Teeth Cleaning!

We humans do silly things, myself included, like as a kid doing my homework on Sunday night, sleeping with the dog and throwing my vegetables on the floor- and now, filing my taxes at the last minute, but I do get my teeth cared for as a good example. If you have dental insurance you can get your teeth cleaned for free. Or work out payment. We want to help you! Don’t let your insurance benefit run out at the end of the year without using it. See you dentist, give us a call, your teeth are part of your health!

Dental Deep Cleaning or Regular Dental Cleaning? People ask me sometimes – do I need a deep cleaning? They may feel anxious about cost or discomfort so my goal here is to clarify when a deep cleaning is the way to go versus a regular dental cleaning.

What Dental Insurance Should You Buy? I will give you my honest answers here!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKh9K7zln54 Your body’s fear reactions to going to the dentist can be overcome. Going to the dentist these days is nothing like it was in the “good old days” when sedation was not as effective, drilling was like a pile driver, and anesthetics were not so great. Yet many of us still harbor fears of the dentist based on very old memories of dental chairs long ago vacated. Patients who procrastinate about seeing their dentist are amazed when they finally pluck up their courage, make that appointment and all turns out to be quite painless and no reason for fear at all!

Root Canal: Party Joke or Simple Remedy?

The Root Canal Lowdown!

Getting a “root canal” won’t hurt! It’s not an inexpensive procedure, but if you have dental insurance much of the cost of correcting and restoring the infected tooth’s root is covered. The costs of not removing the decayed matter and restoring the tooth are many: gangrene for one, and and over time, an over-activated immune system which can lead to a myriad of other health challenges. Learn more here in this video.